Some of our Lucky Older dogs


All those who have one agree,

They are just pure joy !. 

Some of the Oldies with us


 Prince (on the left) rescued from the Niort pound in December 2006 when he was ten years old with Oban also rescued from Niort in 2009 when he was eleven.

Update February 2014, Prince has sadly just left us after holding on as long as he could.  He would have been eighteen in July, a great age for this type of dog.  Oban is still here and becoming an old man, aged sixteen.

Update February 2015.   A year later Oban has now also gone just a few days before his seventeenth birthday.  He was the gentlest sweetest dog, always smiling and happy with everything, a joy to have with us.


The lovely Gina rescued from Niort in 2009 when she was about ten.



Anémone, another adorable little mamie from Niort.

Yet another very special one is our Lady Lace who was found on the railway track at Niort station!


During the cold spell in January 2013 poor little Clémentine couldn't be left in the Niort pound.  Still feeling a little lost, but relieved to be safe and warm in the car and free again.


Update : A very sad month September 2015 when we lost two precious old souls, Clémentine and little Anémone above.  We love them dearly and always take them as far as they can go, so it is hard to lose such sweet little things.


  photo P1030594_zps0aq31qjj.jpg When Betty's nearby mistress went into a home the family had no solution for her after trying different shelters.  Someone had to save her, so we finally accepted to have her here with us.

  photo P1030637_zpsw3pmiy8u.jpg

Our gorgeous softy Sally rescued from a kill pound here in 2014 



 There are many more seniors out there desperately in need of help.  If ever you would like the privilege of sharing your life with one, just let us know.  You will never regret it!


And if you still need convincing

"There's something special about old sweet mutts - it's something in their eyes.  It's like you can see their soul".

They sleep in.  They're housetrained.  They're slow and sweet.  They need less exercise.  They're top-notch snugglers

 Please click below for a wonderful example of the joys of rescuing and sharing your life with an oldie :